Introducing: The Guest Room

If you’ve ever been to a traditional focus group room, they’re typically bare and uninspiring.  We thought there was a better way to connect with customers, so we created an immersive experience that could be transformed for any brand, category, retailer or service organization.  Located in our Minneapolis office, “The Guest Room”, is designed to conduct qualitative and quantitative studies. It’s uniquely designed space to facilitate research with your customers that can be transformed for whatever environment needed, whether it’s a sleek beauty space to experience fragrance, a comfortable space for kids to play with toys or anything you can dream up.

Some common ways to tap into the Guest Room include gaining feedback on a product launch, understanding brand positioning, optimizing the merchandising experience or simply gaining rich insights from your customer. Depending on your objectives, we’ll conduct focus groups, one-on-one interviews, dyads/triads, product testing, eye tracking, shop-ability studies and more, all from the Guest Room. We can also transform the space to use for brainstorms or other interactive meetings with your team. 

Our expert team of trained moderators leads participants thru the complex task of setting up, executing and analyzing results of consumer discussions. If you can’t participate in person, we’ve integrated technology to share the research live to anyone who wants to join, whether it’s your team at HQ or a product development team across the world.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you gain rich insights through the Guest Room.