Consumers are more connected than ever and continue to regularly consume and create online content.

Using a third-party social intelligence tool, we are able to collect and analyze consumer-generated web-content that goes above and beyond traditional metrics like engagements, likes, and reach. We utilize this approach to illuminate the voice of the consumer in a way that can serve as a stand-alone approach or complement other research methodologies. 

Brand Positioning

Analysis of major and emerging brands in a category or industry help define or validate brand positioning. Understand how consumers authentically talk about your brand; from joy points and pain points, to attributes and benefits that break through in conversation.

Product Development

Uncover correlations and track chatter important to your brand and product portfolio. Understand how ingredients, features, or categories are trending to help understand potential opportunities for innovation.

Marketing Techniques

Understand which platforms are most important or incremental to advertising. Uncover consumer segments to consider for micro-marketing efforts. Learn who top influencers are for your category, including their total reach and influence.

Product Development Example

Business Case: In the ever-changing skin care category a top brand wanted to understand if and how consumers talk about ingredients for a specific skin care product category. 

Insight: Analyzing trend & sentiment towards specific ingredients that appear in online discussions paints a picture of what may become more or less important to consumers when shopping a category. This leads to ideas for product development and innovation.

Social intelligence will uncover a wide-range of insights that have implications for brand positioning, product development and marketing.  Contact us today to learn how we can listen to the consumer to uncover opportunities for your business.

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